Wednesday, August 19, 2009

“Publish and be damned!”

Blogs are another free internet based software that can be used for educational purposes as well as personal utilities to say whatever the author might want to publish. Popular sites to set up your own, such as this on Blogger or Edublogs have increased in popularity as individuals, groups or organisations feel the need to have a voice in the digital era. You can add a number of plug-ins that will provide, video, images, sound and links.

I found this experience both liberating and daunting in that in gaining the notoriety of having a web presence, that responsibility can rest with you for many years to come and be at the mercy of the famous quote by Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington above.

This technology will provide both a vehicle for teaching delivery and student-centred learning as older students can create their own blogs and present their learning for assessment (as is the case here).

"Blogging is excellent training for the practice of 'not knowing’ ”David Kline observes.

Kline, D.,& Burstein, D. (2005) Blog!: How the Newest Media Revolution is Changing Politics, Business, and Culture, L.L.C. : Squibnocket Partners,

P.S. As a last comment I got into considerable trouble and anguish over adjusting the layout to this blog. Please excuse the haphazard nature. Templates and layout were one thing but I know more about HTML now than I ever wanted to!

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