Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Get to the (power) point!

Powerpoint presentations (PPP’s) have been the “stock in trade” mode of presentation for quite some time now as they (when done well) inform, stimulate and highlight in a professional format. They can provide a multimedia platform in an accessible form like a book in that the viewer can take in the content at their leisure even able to flip back and forwards. We have seen this university program use PPP’s extensively as both a teaching delivery tool (by lecturers) and also as an assessment tool as they provide the opportunity for the students to construct their own meaning. PPP’s are the perfect example of the second definition of multiliteracy in that they are “the new communication technologies (which) are producing increasingly multimodal types of text. Written-linguistic forms of communication combine with visual, audio, gestural and spatial modes...to create new patterns of literacy, much broader than language alone.” Winch et al (2007)
The website Slideshare is an online site that allows opportunities to store, view and share a wide variety of PPP subjects. As usual the titles are seemingly endless and spark the imagination. An example I would like you to view is a marketing tool but the ideas it puts forward can easily be applied to the education sector (I think).
I had some difficulty uploading my own PPP to the site but hopefully you can see the results of a quick PPP that I put together for a Yr 7 SOSE cohort I am currently confusing.
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Winch, G., Johnston, R.R., March, P., Ljungdahl, L., Holliday, M. (2007) Literacy.
South Melbourne: Oxford University Press

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