Thursday, August 20, 2009


As the learning manager accumulates more resources and network groups it will be increasingly difficult to manage all that data in a form that is a delivery technology as well as a file storage and student centred learning tool. I get the impression that Mahara fits all these criteria in one web based site. Anything that lets you organise the vast amounts of information you seek out, and are feed, in an easily accessible and efficient form must be part of a modern learning manager’s toolkit.

I must admit I found the log in process confusing partly because this software is not free and online payment is something I usually avoid because it is arduous and there are security concerns. Once inside it was not immediately apparent what I should do or how to do it. A lot of colleagues have also expressed the same view.

“Chaos is the new reality for knowledge workers” states Seimans (2004) so succinctly. Seimans’ collection of thinkers ( Calder, Glieck and Rocha) on the subject of chaos and self-organisation definitely strike a chord in recent experiences in this course however it is a futures orientated field and the future is only just beginning.

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