Tuesday, August 18, 2009

“Get the Message?”

Fodey is a website where you can generate variations on different images and introduce text in an entertaining range of text types. It is also a launch pad to a plethora of similar sites so that you can play with a message or image to insert in a digital portfolio or use in a hard copy presentation. As you can see by the example, the potential to engage learners in creating text in interesting and purposeful contexts is useful. Creating a newspaper article allows for the genres to be explored in an authentic way. I could extend my learner’s writing skills by getting them to compose and publish a faux newspaper article reporting on an election result or other parliament focussed event for their SOSE assessment. I can see early learners having fun with creating simple messages and exploring Luke & Freebody's (1995) four resource model as a text user or text analyst described by Anstey & Bull (2004) constructing an image as an advertiser or anti-advertisment (see example above).

The idea defined by Buell (undated) that “In cognitive theories, knowledge is viewed as symbolic mental constructs in the learner's mind, and the learning process is the means by which these symbolic representations are committed to memory.” is exemplified bythe use this technology as the learner will create their own symbols and therefore learning will be enhanced.

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