Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Comic Life software

Using the comic life software was an interesting exercise. I found it relatively easy to use as I have had previous experience with the comic format. After seeing a colleague’s example I automatically referred back to my own picture library to supply images for a small project. As you can see the result is a reflective piece that is both personal and I hope entertaining.
As learning tool I can see this as useful for students especially earlier grades as the software is easy to use and literacy outcomes seem straightforward as it explores multiliteracy themes (comic book format) but also allows simple styles such as recount or narrative to be demonstrated.
I am conscious of Kearsley & Shneiderman’s (1999) argument that “Engagement theory is......not individual interaction with an instructional program.” This experience should be part of larger unit of work and in the context of group activities. Collaborative efforts would still be possible using this tool as in longer storylines or different roles assigned to the group members, writer, illustrator, editor, etc.
One issue I can see arising is the use of copyrighted images in a student’s work. Older students might naturally surf the web for images and may rely on corporate images rather than public images if left to their own devices.

Shneiderman, B. (1988), Relate-Create-Donate: An educational philosophy for the cyber-generation. Computers & Education, in press.

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